Diy Silk Wedding Flowers

diy silk wedding flowers

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DIY Wedding: Birdcage Head Piece: all the pieces

DIY Wedding: Birdcage Head Piece: all the pieces

I really wanted a veil Birdcage headpiece but I didn't want to spend the good cash on such a simple piece of design, so I decided to make one.

I couldn't find the traditional wedding veil material, so I ended up with this simple light lace, added couple feathers and extra fabric and lace to jazz it up.
Lace: .75cents
Flower: 1.00
Extra material: 1.75
Total: $3.50

DIY Wedding: Birdcage Head Piece

DIY Wedding: Birdcage Head Piece

The extra lace and fabric have been sewn onto the back of the flower. The 'veil' is on the left and has been sewn to my desired shape.

diy silk wedding flowers

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